Sunday, November 10, 2013

Falling on Deaf Ears?

The New York Times has published this heartfelt plea for the Obama Administration to ensure the Jewish archive rescued by US troops from the flooded basement of Iraqi Secret Police headquarters does not return to Iraq.  The claim is that the Obama Administration is bound by a decision of the Bush Administration, but President Obama has sought to  distance himself from the Bush Administration on Iraq, so why not here as well?  And what of the silence from all those Holocaust art lawyers?  Don't some of the same principles apply here?

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Cultural Property Observer said...

Arthur Houghton asked me to post this:

"Peter, in the end, the issue is a moral one that thinking people know transcends -- must transcend -- the constraints of law and the behavior of states. To return the Archive to Iraq is to deny its restoration to the people who created it. Only the small and mean-minded would want that to happen. For shame. For shame.

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