Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Crack in the Wall?

Archaeology Magazine, the official organ of the Archaeological Institute of America, has publicized  the finding of a world-renown papyrologist that scraps from an unprovenanced papyrus contained poems of an ancient Greek Poetess, Sappho.  The news, far from being celebrated, is instead being criticized by hard-liners in the archaeological blogospshere worried that the AIA is departing from its principles for publicizing work based on an unprovenanced document.  CPO commends Archaeology Magazine for doing so-- ignoring important documents because they are unprovenanced does nothing but a disservice to anyone interested in the furtherance of knowledge.

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John H said...

"...is instead being criticized by hard-liners in the archaeological blogospshere, etc, etc, etc,"

Well that's par for the 'hard-liner's' course: who would expect anything less from this quarter?

There for all to see, just sub-surface, severe academic jealousy has raised its ugly head, not least because 'THEY' had not stumbled across this potentially far-reaching discovery.

Just goes to show the importance of private collections.


John Howland