Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tunnel Vision: MOU Supporters Oblivious to Facts on the Ground

Supporters of the Egyptian Military Dictatorship's request for a MOU should take note.  The Egyptian public is refusing to buy into the Generals' efforts to seek "legitimacy" through phony elections.  Indeed, so much so that the Generals have extended voting for another day.

Yet, the archaeological lobby still seeks to portray Egypt's request, which dubiously coincides with the country's fraudulent elections, as necessary to protect Egypt's cultural patrimony.  But from whom?  "Cultural racketeers" or poor stewardship, corruption and an absolutely Pharaonic view of state ownership that devalues artifacts so thoroughly within Egypt itself that they are either destroyed or smuggled from the country, presumably more often than not with "inside help?"

Hopefully, at least some on CPAC will see through this fraud during next week's public session.  The public certainly has, with 91% of public comments solidly against the MOU or the extension of restrictions to ancient coins.  That's an "election result" that should have resonance.

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