Sunday, July 20, 2014

More Overkill Coming in NJ?

The problem with activists is that they are often absolutists.   That is certainly true amongst the activists in the archaeological community, and perhaps even more true when it comes to animal rights activists who are lobbying against the ivory trade.  For some reason, they also seem opposed to the trade in antique ivory though apparently it is quite possible to tell old from new.  The latest venue for this battle against collecting is in New Jersey.  Of course, ban modern ivory, but a ban that does not contain an exemption for antiques puts many artifacts of significant art historical or even archaeological value at risk.

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John H said...

"Often absolutists?" you say Mr Tompa. You kiddin'? You are too kind to them: 'Always' is the word you were looking for I venture to suggest.

Evidence strongly suggests corruption thrives -- indeed, is almost a way of life -- in Africa along with the misuse of international aid diverted into Swiss accounts. The future of elephants and rhino's is in the hands of the same corrupt people and regimes.

Many of these dictators couldn't give a toss for the welfare of their own people, let alone animals.

Some species as we know are on the brink of extinction, yet, the loud-mouthed 'Barfords' of this world campaign along with their empty-headed minions to agonize over antiquities. How bizarre is that?

The impotence of these so-called 'conservationists' is easily recognized...they want to ban the trade in about shutting the stable door when the horse has bolted.

But then, is this par for the conservationist course?

Best regards

John Howland