Friday, September 5, 2014

Egyptian Military Dictatorship Botches Pyramid Restoration Work

The archaeological blogosphere goes into high gear anytime any artifact is seized from a hapless peasant in Egypt, so one would think there might be at least some mention of a horribly botched restoration of one of Egypt's earliest pyramids.

Not so.

Instead of silence, archaeologists should be asking how this could have happened, and whether the restoration company was selected based on merit or their political connections and/or their willingness to pay bribes.

The fact archaeologists have consistently failed to do so with regard to this and other examples of poor stewardship again raises an important question:  Is the Egyptian state and its supporters in the archaeological lobby really interested in conservation or control?

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Anonymous said...

You have to understand that they are very busy throwing stones at the collector and anyone that uses a metal detector. No time for this sort of foolishness. I mean what's a pyramid anyway?