Sunday, February 22, 2015

Don't Worry...Says the Archaeo-Blogger

Don't worry, says the archaeo-blogger in his own condescending way. One can't assume the State Department-- egged on by their allies in the archaeological lobby-- will use the upcoming renewal of the Italian MOU as an excuse to extend import restrictions to Roman Imperial coins.  So, just sit back and don't bother to tell the State Department what you think.

But does he have the best interests of collectors in mind?  His blogging screams otherwise.

And anyway does he really speak for anyone other than himself?  Of course not.

But can't the State Department clarify the issue?  They could, but have never done so when asked to in the past.

And let's not forget-- on two prior occasions-- Cyprus in 2007 and Italy in 2011-- requests for clarification were either met with double talk or ignored.  And guess what happened?  Requests for extension of MOUs were turned into a basis for new restrictions on coins.

Let's not let that happen again, particularly where Roman Imperial coins are concerned.

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