Monday, September 14, 2015

ASOR Role as Contractor also Lobbying on Issue Should Raise Questions

The New York Times has questioned whether it is appropriate for a lobbyist to also act as a federal contractor on unrelated issues.

Yet, no one in the press has yet questioned whether it is appropriate for ASOR to simultaneously lobby Congress directly on issues related to its $600,000 contract with the State Department.

At a minimum, a potential conflict of interest should raise some questions.

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John H said...

Ah, Peter:

One of the loopholes exploited by the Left, and they are experts, is the fact that in a democracy as opposed to totalitarian regimes such as Soviet Russia, is that it's not moral rights or wrongs that make law or sway public opinion but votes, or, as I suspect in this case, civil servants bending at the knee to those who have them by the balls. Noone in their right mind - and that's the giveaway - would support the ASOR.

The reliance on public apathy for them is paramount.

Opponents have to up their game and play dirty as they do!


John Howland