Saturday, March 26, 2016

State Department Expresses Qualms Over Liberation of Palmyra from ISIS

Russian propagandists are having a field day with our State Department's apparent indifference to the Assad regime's liberation of Palmyra and its scarred  UNESCO World Heritage Site from ISIS.

CPO is a bit puzzled by the State Department stance given all the emphasis that has been placed on "saving" Syrian cultural patrimony.   And, isn't the point of the State Department Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs sponsored HR 1493 to repatriate undocumented Syrian cultural artifacts to the same Assad regime anyway?

CPO has serious qualms about repatriating any undocumented artifacts to the Assad regime because of its own part in destroying and looting Syrian cultural patrimony, but, even so, we should all be happy if ISIS is driven away from Palmyra given all the destruction it has caused to the ancient city and death it has visited on the city's modern inhabitants.

Update (3/28/16):  The State Department has issued a clarification.  The State Department now indicates despite its opposition to Assad, it welcomes Palmyra's liberation from ISIS.

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