Thursday, April 6, 2017

District Court Rules in Government's Favor in Long Running Forfeiture Action

The ACCG will likely appeal Judge Blake's ruling largely favoring the government in the long running forfeiture case.  It's important to defend the principle that the government must make out every element of its prima facie case before it can take private property.  More here.

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John H said...

Hi Peter:

A tad off-topic I know but it's a fascinating piece by Patrick Werr a financial writer in Egypt for 26 years.

"Egypt is overflowing with antiquities. So much so that they are stuffed away to moulder in warehouses, sometimes forgotten and allowed to deteriorate, never to be seen again by the public or by researchers", writes Werr, adding :-

"A foreign Egyptologist tells me that until the 1970s the Egyptian Museum in Cairo had a sale room for surplus antiquities, and until the ‘80s foreign archaeologists excavating a site were given a proportion of the finds".


John Howland