Friday, November 13, 2009

CPRI Issues Study on Orphan Artifacts

The CPRI has released the results of its study about the numbers of "orphan" Greek and Roman artifacts in private hands. See In addition, the CPRI's American Antiquities Review has also provided some helpful background information. See

The study has already attracted comment from archaeological bloggers David Gill and Larry Rothfield. See and

Though Gill has been particularly critical, he has not offered his own estimates of the number of "orphan" Greek and Roman artifacts in private hands or his own proposed methodology for estimating the number of such artifacts.

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Alexander said...

Dear CPO:

Your restrained comment on the CPRI study was to the point. It should be noted, however, that the study is limited to estimating the number of Greek, Roman and Related objects in private US (emphasis here) hands, not world-wide; that it is a work in progress that can usefully be reviewed by others who are familiar with US collections and the market (and can be revisited when and as credible alternative data is forthcoming); and will be followed by similary studies in other culture areas. In this, the CPRI seeks to provide the factual basis for discussions of policy that may emerge, but does not itself advocate specific policies or positions.

Thank you,

Arthur Houghton
for the Cultural Policy Research Institute