Monday, November 23, 2009

Italian Archaeologist Fails to Respond to Questions From the Floor

During the Nov. 13th CPAC meeting, Chairwoman Reid allowed the audience to ask Italian Culture Ministry archaeologist Stefano de Caro questions.

De Caro was asked from the floor how Italy would propose that the United States determine what objects or coins of Roman make were from Italy illegally, against the very large numbers of similar (some exactly similar) coins or objects that are imported legally to the US from source countries that allow their export, such as the UK? De Caro gave no substantive answer to the question.

Noting that CPAC had twice (in 2000 and 2005) recommended against extending import restrictions to "coins of Italian type," I also asked De Caro what had changed that suggested there should be a change in this precedent. Again, De Caro was unable to provide a substantive response.

These are two basic questions that need to be answered before CPAC even considers whether to change existing precedent on coins of Italian type.

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