Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mubarak Out

It looks like President Mubarak will soon retire at the behest of the Army and for the good of Egypt. It remains unclear whether his departure will prompt real democratic change or just a change in the faces at the top.

"World famous archaeologist" Zahi Hawass will likely stay in his post for now, if not be made Prime Minister as at least some foreign archaeologists apparently hope. Nevertheless, one wonders at what point younger Egyptian archaeologists who are fed up with his autocratic, credit stealing ways and personal associations with the discredited Mubarak brand may succeed in sending him packing as well. Perhaps, after that happens, Western archaeologists too will become less reticent about his failings.

Addendum- There are now reports that Mubarak refuses to go and instead hopes to remain President. If so, this may spark additional unrest.

Addendum II (2/12/11)- The army did indeed push Mubarak out. Real democracy is promised, but for now at least, the changes are probably more cosmetic than anything else.

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