Friday, February 11, 2011

Petition to Antiquities Minister Hawass: Will Western Archaeologists Offer their Support?

Here is a translation of an open letter to Antiquities Minister Hawass. It pleads with Hawass to change the corrupt way his organization runs. Will Western archaeologists offer their support or only their silence while Hawass stays in control?

Prof. / Dr. Zahi Hawass

Minister of State for the Antiquities

We Respect you Doctor Zahi as Egyptian archaeological raise the name of Egypt in the archaeological field, and will continue as long as you support the Egyptian people; the nobles ones of the people.

I write and speak in my own name, knowing that my word could be on behalf of all the honorable of the Egyptian archeologists and Conservators, and who sought always for the benefit of Egypt and Egypt’s monuments, and put the name of Egypt and the (formally) Supreme Council of Antiquities at the highest levels of the field of their scientific specialties in spite of all attempts to oppression, exclusion and drop down.

Sir, We will not accept the continuation of the same system and the faces of corruption in the field of archeology and Conservation; The party system, corruption and corrupts; system of exclusion of the real experts and qualified high-level, locally and internationally for the benefit of corrupts (as well as Almchltep and Almsalhadjip) and dozens of outsiders on the board of men of the ruler party and some of the professors belonging to the same ruler party, or who were buying their silence, Our masters and even some older, all of whom are well known and who we respect them and we will continue to respect them and honor them as the value and the wealth of mankind, but it is there in the whole world such thing as retirement for the opportunity for new blood and new talent.

Sir, we will not accept any more the continuation of the same system that everyone knows and you first of them.

Sir, we respect you on a clear and specific basis of that the work in the coming period will be only for the benefit of Egypt and Egypt’s monuments, and will be, however, by the hand of the honorable ones from within the ministry (formally the Supreme Council of Antiquities). And we will be against you if you continued the same previous system, and will not be afraid of any trial or investigation, or even the liquefaction of our blood in the field of honor.

We have consistently resist self-doubts and never listen to the rumors, and we take the positive side in that your aim was seeking for the benefit of Egypt’s monuments, antiquities and its people.

So I ask you sir, please; delete all the names and faces of corruption, and all the faces and names from outside the honorable men of the New Ministry (former council).

As for The files and issues of corruption and the corrupts are in the responsibility of the investigation departments and been submitted and will submitted be the honorable Egyptians, and that is the role of the legal departments, but our role will be within the new ministry.

Please allow me sir to tell you publicly and officially, what I used to say to everyone in public every day, including some of the men in your office, and including the main organizer of the formation of the Secretariat Mr. Alawi Faried.

I am asking and try to trust that you will make sure to change the overall system of corruption and replacing it with a professional scientific management respectable system with all the respectful of the employees of the ministry (formerly the Council)

Sir, please kindly consider my massage by yourself away from the usual transfer note to a member of your office, because this is a personal message to you.

With my Best Regards,

Dr. (Mr.) / Hany Hanna (Ph. D)

-Chief Conservator, General Director of Conservation, Helwan, El-Saf and Atfeh Sector, Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA), Egypt.

-International Expert in Conservation and Restoration.

- Founder & Former Coordinator for the International Council of Museum-Conservation Committee – Wood, Furniture and Lacquer (ICOM-CC- Wood, Furniture and Lacquer) (Ex elected voluntary position).

-Professor, Higher Institute for Coptic Studies in Cairo (voluntary work).

- Fellow of Salzburg Global Seminar, Conservation and Preservation of Cultural Heritage.

- Writer, Egyptian and International Newspapers.

The letter is posted on the Museum Security Network:

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