Monday, August 27, 2012

Cyprus Mail Belatedly Reports on Renewal of Cypriot MOU

The Cyprus Mail has belatedly reported the renewal of the MOU with Cyprus. The report contains yet more evidence such MOU’s are little more than special interest programs for archaeologists, cultural bureaucrats, and law enforcement. According to the report,

The Memorandum ... provides for the prevention of illicit trade of antiquities, the protection of the Cypriot museums and archaeological sites, raising public awareness, bilateral cooperation between Cypriot and American universities, archaeological missions and museums and law enforcement agencies of the two states.

I’m not aware of any specific benefit to museums, other than the fact that import restrictions give a significant competitive advantage to the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation in their purchase of ancient Cypriot coins on the designated list. While Americans no longer can import undocumented Cypriot coins, the Bank of Cyprus and wealthy Cypriot collectors remain free to do so without similar limitations.


Paul Barford said...

"I’m not aware of any specific benefit to museums",

- apart I presume from section 2607 of CCPIA, 19 United States Code 2600 etc. which protects objects in museum collections. That's obviously what the newspaper has in mind.

Cultural Property Observer said...

The CPIA covers items in museum inventories without regard to MOUs so I don't get your point.

Paul Barford said...

Well, I am sorry but you are going to have to point out to me where they specifically EXCLUDE objects taken from museum collections.