Sunday, September 9, 2012

What of SAFE's Turkish Repatriation Fest?

Some months ago Saving Antiquities for Everyone was working with Turkey's US lawyers (who also help fund SAFE) to produce a conference to help make the case that antiquities should be repatriated to that country. 

From what I heard about this repatriation fest, there would be no discussion of the fact that many of these antiquities left before 1970 or that many are also the products of Greek culture, when Turkey's own Greek citizens were ethnically cleansed back in the 1920's.

Yet, nothing more has been heard of this conference, which was originally scheduled for early October.  Is there to be a great Turkish showcase?   Who will participate?  And does anyone really care anyway except SAFE, Turkey's lawyers and some Turkish cultural bureaucrats?


Paul Barford said...

Can you provide a link to the announcement you are quoting here? Thanks.

There is this upcoming October event:

Do you think they might be connected with each other?

Cultural Property Observer said...

I found about it from some people who were asked to speak. It was supposed to take place on October 3rd. It had nothing to do with Patty Gerstenblith's conference which you cite. The conference was supposed to focus on Turkey. I would have thought you would have known all about it. You are associated with SAFE through their blog, no?