Saturday, January 11, 2014

Chinese Import Restrictions Extended

The Department of State and US Customs and Border Protection have extended controversial import restrictions on Chinese cultural goods for another five years.  These restrictions in particular show how far the State Department and US Customs have departed not only from the requirements of the governing statute but common sense.   The net effect of the current restrictions has been to give Chinese collectors,  dealers and auction houses a competitive advantage over their American counterparts.   This will now continue for another five years, time enough for the likes of the People Liberation Army's Poly Group to become the dominant force in the market for Chinese artifacts.

1 comment:

Paul Barford said...

" become the dominant force in the market for Chinese artifacts"

Instead of a US firm you mean?

Perhaps one day they will be the dominant force in the market for US art and artefacts, does that not worry you and your sponsors more? What would you then propose doing to prevent that? Export controls of your own?