Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Coin World on Bulgarian Restrictions

Coin World, a publication that is mainly directed at collectors of American coins, has published this article about recent import restrictions, which will drastically limit the ability of Americans to import coins of a sort widely available to collectors in the EU and, indeed, Bulgaria itself.

Such coins may now only be legally imported with documentation proving they were out of Bulgaria as of the date of restrictions, information that is either typically not available (particularly over time) and which foreign sellers are often unwilling to provide (particularly given the modest value of most coins).

CPO will leave it to the reader to judge the relevant merits of the views of Wayne Sayles, myself and Nathan Elkins, but questions whether any archaeological publications will offer the same level of coverage to those opposed to the MOU and explain to their readers the basis for those concerns. Of course, they should as a matter of fairness, but will they?  CPO seriously doubts it, but would be happy to be surprised.

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