Saturday, March 8, 2014

Blogging for Dollars?

Archaeoblogger Paul Barford apparently maintains that the CPO blog is tainted in some fashion because the blog's owner lobbies on behalf of the small businesses of the numismatic trade.  But these lobbying activities have been fully disclosed on the CPO blog, CPO receives no payment for blogging, and CPO's blog posts have never been vetted by others before posting.

And what of Mr. Barford?  Though he does not publicize it, he has now acknowledged"I have indeed at various times been paid by UNESCO and other heritage organizations for quite a lot of hard work. It's I what I do."   

So what's the difference?  And what about more transparency as to what exactly Mr. Barford does for "UNESCO and other heritage organization" including their identity?


Anonymous said...

Given the numerous and quite lengthy posts on his blog I am guessing he's being paid to write them. If not he really needs to think about getting a job and taking care of his family, IF he has one.

Cultural Property Observer said...

He's indicated he does not get paid for blogging, but I agree that the number of posts he puts out each day suggests that blogging is his life's work.

John H said...

I don't wish to appear facetious, but judging from the quality of Mr Barford's writing talent, grammar, and jumbled thinking, to name just three of his blog's major faults, I can't imagine there's an organisation in the world that would pay a second time for that which his blog clearly demonstrates.


John Howland

Paul Barford said...

@John H. Not up to the "standards" set by metal detectorists, eh?

John H said...

Paul Barford.
You have a way to go yet before approaching those considerable "standards".

Your muddled thinking is a major problem, evidenced by your reply which refers to metal detectorists - an honorable fraternity that I did not mention in my original.

Your blog is a fine exposition of recommendation, in my view, for your inconsiderable writing talents.

Best regards for your future studies.

John Howland

Paul Barford said...

Mr Howland, nobody makes you read anybody's blog. If you don't like what somebody else writes, turn away (and stop drawing attention to it). Simple.