Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hungary: Atilla's Grave Found as Sevso Treasure "Repatriated"

Hungary's Prime Minister has announced that the nation has purchased part of the famous Sevso Treasure on the theory that the treasure is of Hungarian origin.  Meanwhile,  Hungarian archaeologists have claimed to have found the tomb of Atilla the Hun.  There will be naysayers for both claims, but Hungary can use a diversion from the tensions brewing next door in the Ukraine.

Addendum (3/28/14):  Apparently the news about Hungarian archaeologists finding Attilla's grave was faked.  It does lead one to wonder how much archaeological "truth" out there is not for real.


Paul Barford said...

Sevso, it's Sevso.

Cultural Property Observer said...

Thank you for your catch on the misspelling of the word "Sevso." As to the Attila story, since you bring it up on your own blog, I first saw it on Dorothy King's blog (she's since taken it down) and then on the Facebook page of someone who follows issues related to Hungary. I guess we were all taken in, and I will be more careful in the future before reporting archaeological "discoveries."

Cultural Property Observer said...

I should also note Ms. King is a trained archaeologist.

John H said...

"It does lead one to wonder how much archaeological "truth" out there is not for real." It certainly does Mr Tompa, and all very much in the vein of the Piltdown Man and Hitler Diaries debacles.

For Mr Barford's benefit, that's 'Diaries' and not 'Dairies', as he is known to confuse the two. I wouldn't want him to imagine Hitler had a string of milk-shake parlours.

John Howland