Monday, April 21, 2014

Reality Check

Something that should give pause to the thinking members of the archaeological community who are not unalterably opposed to private collecting:

Does "Saying Yes to the Egyptian MOU" really mean "Saying Yes to Egypt's Military Dictatorship?" 

CPO submits as Egypt's phony election for President draws near, the answer will only become increasingly clear.

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John H said...

Ah, Mr Tompa:

It's reassuring to see academic standards are maintained in the archaeo-blogosphere by Soviet Socialist-trained heritologists:-

"[...]these pathetic numpties singing in vacant chorus from the ACCG's Tompa's songsheet...[...]"

Do you really think HE means us? He,he,he,he!

Das vidanya
John Howland

PS. I'm also fellow paid-up member of the 'Foggy Bottom Senior Citizen Egg Sucking Research Institute'.