Friday, April 25, 2014

Zahi Hawass the Martyr?

Yes, at least according to fringe elements within the archaeological blogsphere.  And no, his alleged crime is not having a poor agent who got the world famous archaeologist an unfavorable deal compared to other reality TV stars. Rather, it's instead allegedly using his public office for private gain.  If true, that presumably should be of concern to the archaeological community.  After all, isn't that stealing from the Egyptian people?  And shouldn't that be considered far more serious than some poor farmer doing some illicit excavation work to feed his family?

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John H said...

"First they jail journalists, now they are reportedly again after Hawass, and again on the basis of accusations from former colleagues: 'World-famous Egyptologist Zahi Hawass under investigation for graft'....." reports our man in Warsaw.

'They' of course, being the undemocratic military administration that 'our man in Warsaw' wants -- in common with some other academic Titans -- the US to enter into ludicrous MoU's.

He really demonstrates that he has little or no grasp of what's goung on around him! So, no surprises there then.


John Howland