Sunday, October 5, 2014

Archaeological Assault Brigade?

There is some talk in twitterdom about the need for archaeologists to team up with the military to defeat ISIS/ISIL.  CPO is all for it.   Committed archaeologists should sign up, get some basic military training, and be inserted into Syria and Iraq to help reclaim archaeological sites from terrorists.  Better to solve any looting problem at the source.   The other idea floated about-- import restrictions on anything and everything "Syrian"-- will undoubtedly inflict too much collateral damage on legitimate collecting.


Anonymous said...

Why not? Love the idea.

Wonder though if all the wannabe archaeologists will be able to participate? Would hate to see them miss out on the action.

John H said...

Ah! I can see that old and well-respected regiment, the 1st Barford's Kommissars, marching to glory, backed up by the Nigel Swift Grenadiers, motto, 'Who Care Who Wins', with the assault engineers, Knell's Canadian Own Latrine Pioneers in reserve.

Makes yer proud to be British!

Warmest wishes

John Howland