Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Warsaw-- A New Numismatic Capital for the World

While a certain blogger might not approve of all the unprovenanced material for sale, CPO is gratified to learn that a Polish firm is conducting an auction of better quality ancient coins which is accessible through the German "Sixbid" auction platform

Warsaw and Krackow were traditionally centers of the cosmopolitan spirit that fosters ancient coin collecting.  Then, the Nazis and Communists came, "liquidating" intellectuals and replacing that cosmopolitanism with first a racist and then a statist ideology.   And in Communist Poland, collectors were considered "speculators" or far worse.

Happily, all that is now getting to be ancient history.

So, let's all celebrate the fact that Warsaw now joins Beijing, London, Munich, New York, Rome and Zurich as a place where ancient coins are bought and sold openly and in abundance, fostering a renewal of cosmopolitanism for which Poland was rightly known.  


Cultural Property Observer said...

Arthur Houghton asked me to post this:

"Let's raise a glass to Polish firms dealing in antiquities and celebrate the new order in Warsaw. And hope that the level of chicanery by your undistinguished friend there subsides (although of course, forever in his own hypocrisies, he will never allow that to happen. I predict in fact that since he can't help himself, he will come out of his corner goggle-eyed and flushed with rage and give you a good verbal licking).

Thanks for bringing this up.

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John H said...

Hahahah! Forgive me Arthur...but why a verbal licking....?

Hahahahah, would much prefer.....hahahaha! Oh, toooo much"

Wonderful post, Mr Tompa, hahahahah!

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John Howland