Sunday, July 17, 2011

Greek MOU Signed

The State Department has announced the signature of a MOU with Greece. See

Expect a laundry list of Greek cultural property to be restricted to be announced shortly. I assume coins will be included despite the fact that approximately 70% of the public comment received by CPAC either opposed the MOU in its entirety or the extension of import restrictions to coins.

I also wouldn't take the claim that the decision was consistent with the recommendations of the CPAC too literally; State made the same claim with respect to Cypriot restrictions despite CPAC's recommendations that coins not be included in the MOU.

President Obama has claimed he is not anti-business, that his administration is for government transparency, and that he is against over regulation. Yet, his State Department's administration of the CPIA and its extension of import restrictions to common artifacts like coins (that are widely collected abroad including within Greece) strongly suggests otherwise.

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