Wednesday, July 20, 2011

He's Back: Part II

It now appears that Zahi Hawass may be back as Minister of Antiquities yet again.

Mubarak first appointed him to the newly created post in the last days before his government fell due to street protests.

Hawass then abruptly resigned after he became the target of demonstrations. He has maintained, however, that he did so to protest the lack of security at archaeological sites around the country as well as false claims over "stealing antiquities and doing other illegal things."

Hawass was then reappointed after he promised unemployed archaeologists new jobs. However, the honeymoon did not last long; after more protests aimed at his administration of Egypt's antiquities bureaucracy, he was sacked again and replaced. But his replacement never took over the post so Zahi remains in control.

Revolutions are often messy, but this has become a farce, or perhaps at least the makings of a movie script. But, if so, who will play the publicity loving Zahi Hawass?

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