Friday, March 30, 2012

American Digger: Worth A Watch

I watched the first episode of American Digger last evening.

I wonder what all the fuss was about.

It was entertaining. Ric Savage, a former wrestler, has a rather straightforward business plan. Do some research about sites of historic interest. Ask landowners for permission to dig in return for a piece of the action. Look for artifacts. Recover them. Sell them.

In the first episode, Savage and his crew flew up to Alaska. He negotiated a deal with a landowner to explore his property, which was on the site of an old mine. He excavated some old mining equipment and a saw, which he then sold to a local antiques store for $6,000. He then split the proceeds with the landowner, who could use the money to help him build an addition to his house.

Were the artifacts of great historic value? No.

Is the property one where archaeologists were likely to tread? No.

Would the artifacts slowly rust away if Ric did not salvage them? Yes.

Would it have been nice if the artifacts were recorded at a local historical society? Yes, but they are now recorded on video.

What is the big deal?

Let Ric and the boys have some fun, tell us something about American history, and make some money.

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