Thursday, March 1, 2012

Snob Appeal

The AIA has put American metal detectorists in its sights with its protest of two new TV shows, “Diggers” and “American Digger,” on the National Geographic Channel and Spike TV. See

Instead of acting like archaeological snobs, why doesn’t the AIA take a more positive approach and work with the show’s producers to encourage American metal detectorists to properly record their finds and share any significant information they find with the archaeological community?

The AIA might not like it, but with some very limited exceptions, people can do pretty much what they want on their own private land. It’s the American way.


Rangergirl said...

Actually, quite a bit of "people can do whatever they like" depends upon various state and local laws, NAGPRA, and potential burials. Also, let us, for just a moment, discuss the ethical ramifications of selling off artifacts without context in heretofore unknown historic sites. We can *try* to dismiss any semblance of knowledge by saying someone is "elitist" or we can admit that some people study, for years and years, to be able to fully understand the context, historically, of items, events, and places. Sorry if intelligence and critical thinking bores you or offends you.... I guess you see a witch doctor because people who study physical ailments, in context, are elitist snobs?

Cultural Property Observer said...

Spoken like an elitist who thinks only "the chosen ones" should control the past, particularly where private property is concerned.