Wednesday, March 14, 2012

PLA Poly Seeks Consignments World-Wide

Poly Auction Co. Ltd. in Beijing—which is the largest art auction house in China, founded by officers of the People’s Liberation Army with strong support from the friends in the PRC government, is seeking consignments for its antiquity and coin auctions.

The front of the card shows several items recently sold at the Poly Auctions in Beijing, including:

A Silver One Dollar Coin (Commemorative) Portrait of Zhang Zuoling,
Early Republic Period, dated 1926
sold for RMB 2,300,000 (US $364,000)

Ancient Han Dynasty Bronze “Guobao jinkui zhiwan” Coin
Xin Mang Period (A.D. 9-23)
sold for RMB 1,150,000 (US $182,000)

Kunlun Bank 50 Liang Silver Ingot
Imperial Qing Dynasty Xuantong era (1908-1912)
sold for RMB 1,150,000 (US $182,000)

Ancient Chinese Bronze “Qing Yang” Mirror
Eastern Han Dynasty – Three Kingdoms Period, A.D. Late 2nd-3rd Century
sold for RMB 5,175,000 (US $819,000)

The purpose of this mailing, distributed throughout China, Asia and around the world, is to solicit property for sale in Poly Art Auctions in Beijing in Spring 2012.

Is the State Department’s MOU and import restrictions on wide ranges of Chinese cultural goods doing anything other than providing "connected" Chinese auction houses with a major competitive advantage over their US competitors?

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