Friday, October 10, 2014

Polish Collectors' Rights Advocate?

It was not too long ago that Poland broke free from Communism and its apparatchicks.   So its disheartening that Polish officials have apparently seized a legitimately purchased Egyptian artifact on no more than the say-so of representatives of Egypt's military dictatorship.  Oddly enough, archaeo-blogger Paul Barford is the one who has brought all this to our attention.  So, why is such arbitrary action wrong in Poland, but to be applauded on his blog when it takes place in the United States?


John H said...

Mr Tompa:

I think it's legitimate to ask why Barford fails to censure Egypt's military dictatorship in public; and is this failure in any way connected with the miserable regime's largesse in doling out excavation permits to Polish archaeology?

Personally, I think the key to your original question lies with two words...MILITARY DICTATORSHIP. Barford's previous love-in with the Soviet way of life might also be a signpost?

Warm regards

John Howland

Cultural Property Observer said...

Arthur Houghton asked me to post this:

"The ever undistinguished and much ridiculed Mr. Barford is wreathed in hypocrisy."