Sunday, June 22, 2014

A very small special interest II

More evidence, if any is needed, that the actual number of supporters the archaeological lobby can muster is quite small in the scheme of things:

Petition in favor of the Egyptian Military Dictatorship's claims to Egyptian artifacts:

1,300 signatories.  (And, of these, it's unclear how many may be Egyptian state employees)

Petition against the Egyptian Military Dictatorship's mass death sentence of regime opponents:

1.5 million signatories.


John H said...

I wait with baited breath to read something from 'Pavel the Red' urging the Egyptian generals to show leniency.

Perhaps now,in the absence of appeals for clemency from 'Pavel' and his like-minded cohorts, the 'suits' and 'faceless ones' in Washington's corridors of power will begin to realize precisely who, and what, their pals stand for.

Usual best wishes

John Howland

Anonymous said...

Hey when you are after collectors anything goes. I mean after all what's the big deal with mass executions?

John H said...

ER... not much I suppose. when one is a KGB puppet and emigrated to the Great Worker State. Do you really expect anything less from Barfordski?

Usual warm wishes

John Howland