Saturday, June 7, 2014


That's how the archaeological blogosphere is painting  the "opposition" of the "coineys" to the proposed MOU with Egypt.  But only those with tunnel vision would think that those who represent 91% of the public comments are "isolated" or that qualms about the MOU were only raised by "coineys."   What of the AAMD's and former CPAC member Kate Fitz Gibbon's critical public comments?

It is true far more proponents than opponents appeared at the CPAC meeeting.  But proponents were largely academics who most likely are being reimbursed in some fashion for their travel to Washington, D.C.  Most "coineys" simply don't have the time or the funding to attend.

CPO hopes to place its own summary of the MOU on this blog in the near future, but as is the case with other "coineys" sometimes other work must take precedence.

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John H said...

I would suggest, Mr Tompa, that archaeo-bloggers and true academics are light years apart.

Given that academics might not see the world at street level as do lesser mortals, I cannot imagine they would want their opinions espoused by the likes of the kind of creature usually found in the archaeo-blogosphere.

Doubtless, there were academics on expenses, using public finance to support private, self-serving legislation, against a wholly legal and wholesome community...coin and collectors.

The astute can see what's coming down; let's hope your legislators are equally canny!

Kind regards

John Howland