Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Second Guessing

has started in the archaeological blogosphere on the government's handling of the Ka-Nefer-Nefer forfeiture case.   The consensus from the experts associated with the repatriation lobby appears to be that the government should have brought a criminal case against the dealer rather than a civil forfeiture case focused on the museum's ownership of the piece.  But all this misses the point.  The US taxpayer should not be footing the bill at all on such stale claims.  If the Egyptian military dictatorship really believed it had a claim, our courts our open to it and one would think these experts would be only too willing to help the generals to pursue an action.

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kyri said...

dick ellis works on all kinds of art and founded the art squad at scotland yard in the late 80s.i exchanged emails with him about 10 years ago after i was interviewed by the times over an art fraud concerning an artist called pietro psaier.antiquities is not the only thing he handles but art in general.he is a fare and honest man his opinion is highly valued by both sides in this debate.i wouldnt put him in the repatriationist camp at all.